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At Netagio, we think digital currencies like Bitcoin have the potential to make the online world an even more valuable and rich experience. Historically part of the GoldMoney group, we know about precious metals and we're here to help you combine the traditional with the new: precious metals and digital currencies.

We make it easy for you to trade and store digital currency and precious metals securely. We also make it easy to buy and sell Bitcoins with national currencies. In just a few clicks, you can trade national currencies for Bitcoins, and Bitcoins for gold.

You can store both physical gold and Bitcoins with us too. Our GoldMoney heritage means that we are well known for our secure storage of both. We treat your assets as if they were our own, keeping them in ultra-secure storage vaults. Storing your Bitcoins with us is free.

You can get started right away by creating an account. If you need any assistance, the Netagio Customer Care Team is here to help.

About us

About Netagio

Who we are

At Netagio, we are passionate about digital currencies and the role we anticipate them playing in the future. We aim to make it easy and secure to buy and store these currencies as well as to trade them for other commodities.

We were established in 2013 by the founders of GoldMoney and are based in London, UK. Our dedication to security and protecting your assets can be traced directly to our GoldMoney heritage; Geoff Turk (GoldMoney CEO) is the Chairman of our board. Netagio’s founders and the team have a deep understanding of technology and online security and compliance. We have extensive experience gained in the finance, security, commodity trading and precious metals sectors.

Get to know us better – please email or phone us.

What we do

Netagio makes the process of buying, selling and storing digital currency and precious metals as easy and secure as possible. With your Netagio account, you can buy and sell gold with Bitcoins. We also make it easy to buy and sell Bitcoins with national currencies too.

Being a Netagio account holder means that you can easily purchase Bitcoins with gold or a choice of major national currencies. In just a few clicks you can trade your Bitcoins with gold, or with British pounds, Euro or US dollars.

We understand that your assets are valuable to you and that is why the security of your digital currency and gold is our priority. We put a number of security measures in place to protect your account and we store your assets in the safest places we know.

When storing your digital currency and precious metal, think of Netagio as an ultra-secure vault. We use one of the safest methods available for storing your Bitcoins and gold.

We are constantly adding new services to our offering. To make the most of these new opportunities when they launch, create your account now, and get verified as soon as possible.

Securely buy and sell Bitcoins

Buy and Sell Bitcoins

Netagio is passionate about emerging digital currencies, particularly the world’s first crypto-currency: Bitcoin. We take the hassle out of buying, selling, transferring and storing your digital currency.

You can purchase Bitcoins with British pounds, Euro or US dollars or with gold stored in your Netagio account. You can also sell your Bitcoins to buy gold.

If you have Bitcoins stored elsewhere, it’s easy to transfer them into your Netagio account. For more information about transferring Bitcoins see our FAQs. Your Bitcoins are available to you through your Netagio account to buy and sell for gold or national currencies.

Netagio offers free, ultra-secure offline storage to keep your Bitcoins safe. To find out more about the security measures we take to protect your assets, have a look at our security page.

If you need assistance or have any questions about buying or selling Bitcoins, please contact us by emailing or phoning us.

Reliable storage vaults

Secure Bitcoin Storage

We make storing your Bitcoins and gold easy and secure


We have put numerous security features in place to protect your account and ensure your Bitcoins are safe but still conveniently accessed.

We believe that storing digital currencies offline is much safer than keeping them online. For this reason, we hold the largest possible amount of coins offline, whilst ensuring that you have enough online to transfer your balance to another Bitcoin address.

We store your Bitcoins in secure offline locations around the EU and Switzerland (together with all of our encrypted backups).

Find out more about how currencies are managed between offline and online storage.


At Netagio, we take the protection of your assets very seriously and that is why we only store your gold in the safest place we know.

The gold you purchase with your Bitcoins is always owned by you and is protected by the most advanced multi-level security measures that also include armed guard. It is stored in a maximum-security vault, embedded hundreds of meters inside the solid rock of the Swiss Alps, safe-guarding it from all known civilian and military risks.

Buy & sell gold with Bitcoins

Buy and Sell gold

Netagio is a spin-off company from GoldMoney with its long heritage trading precious metals. Today, we make it easy to trade one of the world’s oldest currencies (gold) for one of the world’s newest (Bitcoins). With your Netagio account, you are just a few clicks away from buying and selling 100% physical, allocated gold for Bitcoins.

The gold bars you buy from us are available in units of 100 grams. Take a look at our FAQs to find out more about the source and quality of our gold bars.

You can use the Bitcoins stored in your Netagio account to buy gold. You can also use the gold that you have stored with Netagio to buy Bitcoins. If you have gold stored elsewhere, you can transfer it to us. For more information see our FAQs. We will store your gold for you and make it available through your Netagio account to trade for Bitcoins

The safekeeping of your gold is our priority and we use maximum-security vaults to store your gold.

If you need assistance, or have any questions about buying or selling Bitcoins for gold, please contact us by emailing or phoning us.

Advanced protection for your Bitcoins

Secure Bitcoin Protection

Protecting your Bitcoins and gold

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin are ultimately just data. The private key that secures the data associated with a Bitcoin address needs to be protected with the same care as any highly sensitive information.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that the vault in which we store your gold offers the highest levels of security. Your gold is stored in the safest and most secure place that we know of. We have chosen a vault, deep in the Swiss Alps that deploys multi-level state-of-the-art security systems, it is safe from civilian riots and is also protected by military guard.

We’ve made it easy for you to create your Netagio account, but we’ve taken a number of measures to ensure that account security is rigorous.

Data security

The security of your data is our top priority. With that in mind, we have put in place a number of technical security features to ensure that your digital currency is protected. Find out more about our technical security.

Every Netagio employee undergoes thorough background security checks before they can join the team.

Account security

If you hold digital currency with us, we will enable 2-factor authentication on your account for an additional layer of security. In addition to your password, we will also ask you to set up a security phrase. Only you will know what your security phrase is. We will only ever ask you for 2 random characters from it and will never ask you for it in full.

If you want to restrict access to your Netagio account to just one or a few locations such as your home and work locations then you can also setup IP address restrictions on your account.

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